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Training - UM System

Registration is required to attend classes.  If there are no registrants for a class, the session will be cancelled.

Classes may be offered in one of two formats. They are considered equivalent for training requirements and both styles include real-time question and answer with the instructor.

  • Lab: these are hand-on sessions that take place in a computer lab (Cancelled until further notice)
  • Webinar: these are completed at your desk utilizing your phone and computer.  They are also live and interactive sessions (not static recordings).

Course Title: eProcurement Requester Training

Course Description:

This course covers step-by-step instructions for completing an electronic requisition through PeopleSoft's eProcurement module.

Requisitions are used to make purchases:

  • From our contract supplier in the Show-Me Shop
  • When ordering supplies from the Hospital warehouse (MUHC Requesters Only)  
  • When credit cards are not accepted
  • When the purchase amount is greater than $5,000
  • When ordering or paying for items or services not allowed on the One Card

Class topics will include:

  • Entering non-catalog requisitions
  • Understanding and using the Item Master to order items from the Warehouse and outside suppliers (MUHC Requesters Only)
  • Using the Item Search function (MUHC Requesters Only)
  • Entering Show-Me Shop catalog requisitions*
  • Changing MoCodes or accounts (including split funding)
  • Changing ship to codes
  • Using Manage Requisitions to check on status, find PO numbers, edit existing requisitions, and review approvals
  • Entering Receivers on Purchase Orders

* NOTE:  This course (for Campus Users) includes only a brief demo of the Show-Me Shop environment.  For more instruction, see the Show-Me Shop for Requesters and Shoppers course below.

Click Here for more information on the role and to gain access to the eProcurement module.

CAMPUS USERS: Instructor Led Training IS NOT REQUIRED for access to this role. They are offered as an option for those that prefer this style of learning.

MUHC USERS: Instructor Led Training IS REQUIRED to gain access to this role.  Access requests received in advance of training will be held until training is complete.

The Training Guide, Quick Reference Guides, and online Tutorials are self-paced and available on demand (24/7).

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Course Title:  Show-Me Shop for Requesters & Shoppers

Course Description

This course is now available as an on-demand video series in Percipio.  The channel includes a “Watch” page that holds all videos and a “Read” page that includes a guide to using the channel, resources list, and a link to the written training materials.   

We recommend viewing the Series Guide on the Read page to familiarize yourself with the Channel.   

Videos by Topic include:

  • How to Access Shop-Me Shop (Requester vs Shopper)
  • Basic Navigation
  • Finding Items with the Right Supplier (with a review of resources on the eProcurement Website)
  • Punchout Examples – Staples and CDW-G
  • Managing the Show-Me Shop Cart
  • Checking Out of Show-Me Shop (Requester vs Shopper) 

The above series of seven (7) videos each, for Requester or Shopper, have a total viewing time of about 18 minutes.

NOTE for Requesters:  This video series currently only covers building a cart in the Show-Me Shop environment.  The eProcurement Requester course (above) details creating, submitting, and updating requisitions in PeopleSoft.

Click Here for more information on the role and to gain access with the Shopper Only Access Form (Outlook)



Reviewed 2023-08-08